Panic Bars and Exit Device Services

Panic bar, also known as a push bar, is a crucial safety hardware in buildings such as hospitals, malls, and hotels.  When a crisis is present in a commercial property,  this exit device allows a fast escape to the people hence safeguarding their lives from imminent threats.  Many commercial buildings are obligated to have panic bars with alarms in place to alert others that an emergency is occurring.

Panic Bar  Installation

Panic bar installation is an elaborate process that requires careful planning with your locksmith.  Key factors that need to be considered include durable hardware, safety requirements of your business, and budget.  When installing panic bars, certain guidelines have to be observed to ensure precision and efficiency.  Watauga Locksmith can guide you through the installation process.

We understand the level of protection that you want to apply in your company, that’s why we work hard to ensure that safety features function properly.  With the use of top-of-the-line and sturdy hardware and profound installation of exit devices, we eradicate potential glitches to promote overall building safety and security.

 As a renowned commercial locksmith, our professional panic bar services in Watauga are reliable.  Our business relationship with our clients starts from their inquiry of panic bar services and ends when they are completely satisfied with our services that extend to maintenance and repair of their exit devices.

panic bar
panic bar

High-Grade Panic Bar Hardware

We only use high-grade tools and equipment to ensure that your security system is competent and effective.  In compliance with the building and fire safety codes, we only use the top quality panic bar hardware from the best manufacturers.  Our free on-site consultation allows our locksmiths to assess your establishment’s safety requirements and  discuss with you the right panic bar from the available options.  Whether it’s the panic bar with alarm function or panic bar integrated with access control systems, we got you covered.  Watauga Locksmith specializes in panic bar services such as installation, repair and hardware replacement.


Why Choose Watauga Locksmith

Watauga Locksmith is known for its superior locksmith services.  For several years, we have been serving the community of Watauga, TX with prompt, accurate, and cost-effective solutions for their commercial needs. Specializing in emergency exit door installation and repair, you can trust our expert team of locksmiths to help you out.  As a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company, we can guarantee that we are always ready to provide excellent locksmith services in your Watauga, TX location.  With a strong knowledge and innovative skills in a variety of commercial locksmith services, you can count on us.

Our well-versed locksmiths are equipped with the right locksmith tools and sophisticated technology to deliver the service you deserve in a fast and precise manner. Our locksmith specialist can assist you by supplying, installing, and servicing different types of emergency exit door panic bars. They can recommend the best security hardware that suits your business requirements and can definitely walk you through with everything that involves a panic bar or push bar installation, repair, and maintenance.  We want to establish satisfaction on your building’s security needs at rates that won’t compromise your financial restrictions.

 Panic bars are indeed lifesavers, allowing a safe and fast exit for people when an emergency is happening. With a reputable experience in installing panic bars or push bars in many facilities and establishments in the city of Watauga, TX,  you can be assured that our dexterous locksmiths will successfully complete the job in no time.  To learn more details about this in-demand service, visit or call us.  With us, you’re in great hands.  After all, we have the same safety and security needs in the protection of our business and our employees.


24/7 Panic Bar Services in Watauga, TX

Watauga Locksmith’s 24/7 locksmith service allows us to serve our customers around the clock, especially in emergency situations. We take pride in being available and accessible from early morning to late hours of the night, and even on holidays.  This way, we can provide immediate assistance whenever you need us most. Offices are considered a second home and ensuring its tenants and employees’ safety and security from danger becomes paramount.  If your building’s exit device is faulty and needs emergency repair or replacement services, you can count on us for prompt and high-quality solutions.


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