Master Key

Master Key System

A master key system is crucial to the security needs of a commercial property.  It’s a system in which a variety of keys function for the same lock. In short, a master keyed lock is intended to be accessed by specific individual keys, but can also be opened with a master key. This key system is a great solution for the safety of your business and your valuables inside your property.  If you are an entrepreneur that runs multiple businesses and would like to have means of entry to each of those commercial properties,  an easy and secure way to have access is to do a master rekey on all of the properties.   

If you are considering switching to a master key system, it is best to hire a professional locksmith that has the expertise to get the job done with precision and high quality.

Benefits of a Master Key System

The major benefit of a master key system is that business owners control access to their buildings while allowing limited entry to authorized people to certain parts of the commercial property. In addition, the application of a master key system gives peace of mind since locks are highly secure due to the prescribed key-way that lessens chances of random opening using the wrong key.  Furthermore, limited security key blanks are patent protected, for that reason, key manufacturers are not consented to replicate copies of that specific design.


Keep in mind that a master key system is a foundation of your business’ safety and security, and as your organization changes, a conducive master key should be able to conform to constantly changing specifications.  As such, trust only Watauga Locksmith when planning for a master key system for your business establishments.  Your partnership with reliable technicians matters and draws the line between your property’s safety and security and its vulnerability to security threats.

Expert Master Keying Systems From Watauga Locksmith

Watauga Locksmith are proud to be one of Watauga’s leaders in the locksmith industry.  We specialize in a variety of locksmith services including master key systems. We provide innovative locking and keying solutions for residential and commercial use. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art master keying systems that are sufficient for resolving security needs that are intricate and require a first-rate degree of sensitivity.


Master keying systems are sophisticated keying systems especially beneficial for commercial properties such as office and apartment buildings where maximum security and limited access to specific areas are a top priority. We understand the level of protection that you want to furnish to your business, that’s why we have a team of fully licensed and insured locksmiths who can design and install an intuitive keying system based on the unique requirements for your business and your budget allocation.

In the in-depth consultative and design process, you are guaranteed our full assistance from making suitable recommendations to adhering to our work guidelines and strict deadlines.  We collaborate with building managers and construction project managers to make sure that we deliver superior master keying solutions for your peace of mind, confidence, and above all, top security in terms of control and access on your property.


Watauga Locksmith is your best choice for the design and installation of effective and accurate master key systems in your buildings.  We are second to none when it comes to establishing a safe and secure lifestyle and working environments. For several years, we have serviced the community of Watauga with master key systems projects for major commercial sectors including shopping centers, government facilities, health care institutions, and hotels, among many others.

Emergency Locksmith Services 

Need round the clock locksmith services? Watauga Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays.  Our 24-hour locksmith services allow our well-versed locksmith technicians to provide prompt, efficient, and cost-effective residential and commercial locksmith solutions.  When you find yourself in an emergency situation like a house or office lockout, all you have to do is give us a ring and we will send out our mobile locksmiths to provide immediate assistance whenever and wherever in Watauga, TX.  You can rely on us whenever you need us most.  Our locksmith technicians are always ready with their right tools and up to date technology to ensure they get the job done right and to give you the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve.  


Have you lost your home or business keys? Are you locked out of your car? Do not worry! Our professional team works around the clock and is available for any emergency situation.
Call us and our technicians will come to your address and help you solve the problem efficiently and quickly


Are you in need of a master rekey system in your business space? Watauga Locksmith, TX,  is famed for our commercial master rekey services to ensure a safer and convenient way of opening your office doors. If you’re a business owner who runs multiple branches of your company, this locksmith service is an ideal solution for you to have much easier access.


 Panic and worry are common reactions when you experience a house lockout and when you don’t have a spare key to unlock your property, it’s easy to feel trapped and helpless. Not with Watauga Locksmith in, TX, as this terrible situation can be immediately fixed by our team of professional locksmiths


The most efficient method for car key replacement is to immediately contact your local locksmith. This protects you from dishonest third parties who sell defective equipment and offer cheaper pricing than the dealership. With Watauga Locksmith, you are free of worries from unscrupulous people. We always make sure that the job is done efficiently for a fair price.